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Bạn đang xem: Aoa turns into sexy cat burglars in mv for “like a cat”

___________________RATING GUIDE:10 - Perfect; the best (impossible to lớn earn)9 - Extremely good; amazing8 - Good; solid7 - Above average6 - Slightly above average5 - Average4 - Slightly below average3 - Below average2 - Poor; weak1 - Extremely poor; mediocre0 - Horrendous; the worst (impossible lớn earn)___________________For an entire list of all posts/reviews, refer to lớn my archive page. Feel không tính phí to also send in reviews requests, feedback, or questions—both personal and K-Pop questions are accepted. (This is also the best way to liên hệ me as I do not check personal messages received on ___________________Thank you for exploring và reading this blog! I greatly appreciate it.

Personal Message: I am exceptionally delayed with releasing reviews. As of right now, I am drowning with lots of work, và with due dates being threateningly close, I’m not prioritizing reviews. Nevertheless, I am still attempting to work on this đánh giá as much as possible per day. And, since I believe in honesty, I have been slacking slightly in both work và reviews; videos have been draining a lot of time. But, considering how AOA has been the most hilarious group (so far in my experience) to go on “Weekly Idol,” I believe the time lost is somewhat understandable. Furthermore, I have been pumping extra time into practicing for my E-Sports team. Performance-wise, I’ve been slacking so I am trying lớn correct that.

Anyhow, as readers may have predicted, I am finally reviewing AOA; specifically, “Like a Cat.” This tuy vậy definitely poses as a serious contestor khổng lồ T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” for what I would consider the “catchiest song.” Before anything else is said, khổng lồ address the link, it is a live performance but, knowing FNC Entertainment’s trend (AOA’s label company), their official dance practice video clip should be released as well. Unlike a vast majority of other K-Pop labels, their company actually takes the time to upload multiple perspectives of AOA’s choreography; versions of eye contact, full view, và even mirrored have all been uploaded for their previous songs (or at least from what I browsed through). For a better view of the choreography, search up their official one. As of the time I am typing this sentence, their company has yet to lớn upload it, but I am confident in their release of it in the future. That also reminds me, an acoustic version could potentially be released as well. Those versions are extremely beautiful & graceful. "Short Hair" Acoustic Version is one I cannot recommend enough; in fact, I will links it: AOA - “Short Hair” Acoustic Version (I’m a huge ballad fan as readers may know).

Now to địa chỉ cửa hàng even more delay before the actual đánh giá (although for those who can’t stand my tangents, feel miễn phí to just skip this section), I will give my opinion on AOA as a whole. I am still personally familiarizing myself with these ladies, but nevertheless, I have found them to lớn be very captivating & solid. Lớn begin, I will focus on their personality side. All of the members have definitely won my heart via interviews, going on shows, & such.

For those curious on a specific lady of AOA that has captured my attention, Choa has proven khổng lồ be very charming. While her exquisite hair style và glistening eyeliner and eyeshadow hold as infatuating, her attitude makes her even more beautiful. She constantly strives lớn improve her skills as a singer & dancer. Her wish is to lớn become a popular singer one day, & I have complete confidence in that outcome (and arguably, that has already come true). Another aspect that I found really admirable was her background; her parents had no intentions of allowing her to pursue a career in the entertainment business (realistically, most parents would be against that). Nevertheless, she yearned to lớn be a singer & pursued it despite her parents’ desires. After multiple audition attempts, she made it. Passion is a powerful drive; anyone is capable of accomplishing anything through following it. Anyhow, Choa has proven to lớn be a very remarkable, inspiring lady. Besides, if not for anything else, at least her laugh is very jocular and sweet. Now, if only she was as “hip” as her younger members. Then again, keeping up with the current pop-culture of slang & whatnot is quite difficult. Even without being 24 years old lượt thích her, I tend lớn be out of the loop for everything (and likewise in my own team, I kết thúc up being the laughable one for being oblivious; even more embarrassing is that I’m the second youngest).

This also brings me khổng lồ another point: age. AOA is, so far in my experience, the youngest group I know of; their average age is 21 (I think). It’s also quite interesting that Jimin, their leader, is not the oldest despite holding that position (ironic that I am the one saying that). But, of course, my vision of a leader is heavily distorted by stereotypes & such; when it comes to lớn the leader role, I envision the person to lớn be the oldest, và additionally, I would expect her to come off with a serious, upholding demeanor. Although Jimin falls short on being the oldest and having a solemn attitude, she still showcases excellent responsibility & care towards her members. And actually looking over this section, I really don’t know how this relates to lớn anything. I wanted lớn start a conversation on K-Pop idols’ ages and how, for a lack of a better word/phrase, they are “bereft of a ‘normal’, youthful life.” After all, it is intriguing lớn know that the ladies possess no cell phones, & through the variety show “Weekly Idol,” recently got gifted with a TV. FNC Entertainment may be the one responsible for this, but obviously, it is unclear. & actually, it is another subject that I find the lack of those electronics “intriguing” (I am guiltily poisoned with the idea of electronics & such as “normal”). Time to lớn get back on track; this is perhaps the most random, unrelated Personal Message section I’ve ever wrote for my reviews.

In terms of what readers typically come here for, I will now address AOA from a K-Pop/musical standpoint. The very first tuy vậy I heard from them was “Confused,” and unfortunately, I found that song to be on the weaker spectrum. Eventually, they continued lớn rise in popularity, and with their release of “Short Hair,” I finally paid more attention. Fast forward further, their current comeback of “Like a Cat” solidified their position on my personal các mục of groups lớn remain updated with.

Something I find respectable and enlightening is the fact that AOA has kept their original style throughout their career. Whether it’s their sexy-themed concepts or their distinctive way of singing and tuy nhiên producers following their trend, it has all remained identical. There was no sudden switch that left people clutching at their aching hearts (I’m obviously in no way referring to Hello Venus’ “Sticky Sticky”; I’m also in no way self-promoting the previous đánh giá I wrote on that song). While arguably there was a change in terms of switching from an actual band lớn the standard dance/singing groups, I will exclude that. The final point on why I find this impressive is due lớn their growth in popularity. From my personal experience, most of the groups that have made it to lớn the higher tiers did, at one point, make a sudden change or, in a lot of cases, constantly go through different concepts & style to lớn keep a high appeal (T-ARA is perhaps the prime example; they have done multiple, varying concepts lớn gain the public’s love). In Ace of Angels’/AOA’s case, despite retaining the same mature concepts, they are still growing. Changing to please current trends never occurred. Furthermore, witnessing a group that can be considered “underdogs” work their way to the đứng đầu is satisfying; a sense of pride và proudness derives from that sole idea (and perhaps this is a miniscule tint on what parents might feel when their children grow up).

I have stated way more than enough (I never knew I’d be so loquacious about AOA) . I will personally blame the dark chocolate I consumed during my time of writing, but anyhow, it is time khổng lồ focus on their comeback of “Like a Cat.” As foreseen, the seven ladies of AOA are returning with a sexy-themed, mature style. This time, however, their main concept/idea is, as Jimin said in their silly dance tutorial, “learning dating skills from a cat.” The lyrics and dance manipulate a cat’s communication & movement in relation to love and flirting.

Anyhow, did the guard-beating diamond-stealing spies of AOA acquire a jackpot jewelry that will captivate ladies and men? The music video clip claims so, but through this review, let’s find out for sure.


Song Total Score: 7/10 (6.6/10 raw score) – Average score of the sub-categories

- Vocals: 7/10 - Tossing a quick disclaimer, as always, I recommend listening khổng lồ the official audio. Listening to lớn the live performance, in the case of wearing headphones, it sounds rather jumbled (live singing/not singing and background playback are not meshing well for this performance). Nevertheless, the chất lượng isn’t too awful.

In light of AOA’s vocals for “Like a Cat,” they are rated on the higher side. AOA does an exceptional job with carrying forth the melody. The flow is catchy, upbeat, và full of altering pitches. In terms of power, while this tuy nhiên was not orientated towards that aspect, the members showed off impactful, lingering lines. Another excellent aspect of these adept singers is how consistent and stable their voices are. Now, in regards lớn what is not as solid, the post-chorus & (hoping that Jiminwon’t whip me like the guardsfans won’t decimate me) their leader’s singing/rapping voice hold on the weaker side. The post-chorus showcased a tedious, melodic sound of “Lalalalala,” và while it holds as exceptionally catchy (more in detail later), the vocals disclosed there were not stunning. Before I begin discussing Jimin’s voice, as mentioned elsewhere, I am judging from a musical lens; every voice is unique & beautiful, & in no way am I attempting to lớn bash a specific type of voice. Jimin’s normal speaking voice is very gentle và sweet. With my safety ensuredthat said, although her rapping is mechanically sound, her higher pitched, nasally voice does contrast every other member’s voice harshly. Her vocals may benefit the introduction, but overall, juxtaposing the other member’s singing to lớn Jimin’s, the disparity stings.

Above average is the score for “Like a Cat.” From what I have observed, AOA as a whole are not the most adept at singing, but they nevertheless possess decent singing skills. Yuna và Choa are their main vocalists (Hyejeong is also worth mentioning), and indeed, they alleviate the vocal load for their other members in this song. Everyone else, although they held their ground, failed to lớn show off utterly mesmerizing vocals.

- tuy nhiên Structure: 7/10 (7.4/10 raw score)

The tuy vậy goes in this structure và order:

Introduction, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Post-Chorus, Rap, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Post-Chorus, Bridge, Conclusion (Post-Chorus)

1. Introduction: 8/10 - Jimin is their go-to member for initiating songs; “Miniskirt,” “Short Hair,” “Moya,” and now that I recall more of their songs, practically all of them have had Jimin leading it. For “Like a Cat,” there is no exception lớn the trend; their leader starts it off.

“Like a Cat” begins with a seemingly random & slightly obnoxious horn sound. After that, Jimin arrives with her lines. With her quality nasally & high pitched voice, she tosses out energetic, catchy, & upbeat English phrases (and while pronounciation is not graded, applause for her flawless English; it was so comprehensible that I actually mistakened a Korean line for an English one). The flow of the lines remain very diverse with different durations, lengths, melody, và background vocals. At the very end, Jimin concludes with the signature of “Brave Sound” (their tuy nhiên producer).

While there are a multitude of weaker aspects to lớn the introduction, it still possesses a higher score of an 8; a solid score. Focusing on the strengths of the introduction, variety and energy have khổng lồ be the biggest factors. By utilizing different structures such as background vocals of “geu eodil bwado” (means “no matter where you look”; this was the line that I personally heard as “I’ll be by the toe” when in reality, it was a Korean line) & “I know,” it generates và establishes the song’s energetic tune in addition lớn preventing staleness. Every line spoken was individual & not identical to lớn any other part. Jimin exceeded her role; not only was the song’s mood và energy properly prepared, her varying lines provided a proper hook that would bind listeners.

Contrasting the strengths of this section, what does remain lacking would be predominantly Jimin’s voice along with the questionable horn sound. Regarding the very initial seconds of the song, the horn sound was moreover tumultuous than musical; it was loud & could have been potentially evaded. The only benefit that derives from the use of that noise was a cheap and quick method khổng lồ instantaneously boost the song’s intensity and energy. Although, in the large scheme, that sound is necessary lớn smoothly begin the song, a different approach would be more desirable. As for Jimin’s voice, as stated earlier, it is not the most pleasing lớn hear for a song. While it provided forth a lot of energy & fun, it has a slight tint of annoyance và becomes slightly dull.

Overall, the introduction still holds as solid; the cons are miniscule considering how the horn sound was very brief, & solely Jimin’s voice itself comes off as slightly displeasing. Ignoring the lesser issues, however, and a strong introduction holds. The song engaged listeners via fun, upbeat lines. Additionally, the foundation was properly laid out; the song’s pacing, intensity, và style were all given from the start. An 8 is well deserved.

2. Verse: 7/10 - There is only one verse in this song. This format is not completely alien; we have seen this before in other songs that I have reviewed (not sure on specific ones). Anyhow, Seolhyun and Choa handle this section.

Xem thêm:

Seolhyun is the first one to sing. Her first two lines involve slower pacing khổng lồ accommodate the developing melody. Certain endings of “…ae” were also exploited to lớn create a lingering tune. Progressing on, her last line quickens in order khổng lồ transition to lớn Choa. Once Choa begins, her lines follow the same format as her fellow member.

The verse had the role of developing the song. Coming after the introduction which was relatively energetic, it would be too sudden to lớn have the tuy nhiên play out in high-gear; as a result, a slower, methodical approach would be preferred. In this case, that happened; Seolhyun và Choa were simply constructing the song. By having vocals that were on the calmer side, the explosive vocals that occur later became preservered. In terms of the small sound play with the ending sound of “…ae,” it created some extra specialty khổng lồ prevent the section from becoming dull.

In summary, the verses lie with a score of above average. While the cài đặt was thoughtful và systematic, the vocals were not dazing nor was the instrumental enticing. Nevertheless, in terms of building up the song, this section fulfilled that role.

3. Pre-Chorus: 7/10 - Mina, a very kind-hearted member, handles the first portion of every pre-chorus. Hyejeong does tư vấn her; she arrives for the last half of the pre-choruses. Although pre-choruses tend to lớn heavily hype up a tuy vậy in preparation for the chorus, “Like a Cat” is a tuy vậy that remains rather mellow. Therefore, the pre-choruses bởi not necessarily serve that standard role as typically found in a vast majority of songs. Fitting that role or not, the pre-choruses in “Like a Cat” are decent.

Mina starts the section off with an impactful presence. One line is normally sung, but after that, there is a unique chunking flow; lines of “Spotlight-light-light-light” & “Headline-line-line-line” become used. Once Mina finishes, Hyejeong arrives with melodic & semi-powerful vocals và wraps up the section.

Mina’s part augments this section vastly thanks to lớn having the “Spotlight-light-light-light” (I did not intend for a pun) và “Headline-line-line-line” lines (I still hold my claim). Through this flow, it creates a lingering, catchy and tuneful section. In regards lớn Hyejeong’s part, her vocals were solid; melody và some power went towards it. Besides leaving a solid impression, her lines provided a very smooth transition to the chorus. Her vocals gave a glance for how the chorus’ vocals would be. As a result, the switch from the pre-chorus khổng lồ the chorus is borderline undetected.

In the end, although the outline is solid, the singing, specifically on Mina’s part, was not spectacular enough khổng lồ glean a higher score. Nevertheless, a very promising section that will lure in listeners whether it’s due lớn Mina’s lines or Hyejeong’s melodic vocals.

4. Chorus: 8/10 - Previously mentioned, the transition to the chorus is nearly cloaked; the chorus sounds as if it is simply an extension to lớn the pre-chorus. While that could be possible, khổng lồ keep sections less complicated, I will label this as the chorus (and overall, it is a chorus). Choa and Yuna, AOA’s strongest singers, cooperate for this section. Knowing the capabilities of these ladies (check out their acoustic cover for evidence), a solid section is anticipated.

Choa sings first. Her lines follow a slower, sliced up flow. Yuna continues with the same style. Reflecting on the vocals, they were, as expected, very solid. Both Yuna và Choa showcased a delightful and very melodic part. On đứng top of that, the instrumental did its part of supporting the section.

Diving deeper, the strength of the chorus lies in the fact of having a strong flow of melody. For example, Choa’s chunked pacing such as with “sappunsappun” allowed catchiness khổng lồ build. In addition, their vocals went through a diverse range of speed và pitches; some lines were faster while others were slower, and regarding pitches, the ladies were hitting higher notes at certain endings. Additionally, the instrumental amplified the section as a whole by remaining hyped enough khổng lồ reciprocate the vocals, but at the same time, it remained passive enough to lớn not strip the attention towards the singing.

A solid section. Having their main vocalists singing as a pair allowed for a very adept and fantastic section. The instrumental also gave justice with supporting the members.

5. Post-Chorus: 7/10 - The post-chorus involves all of the members, although Jimin does have solo lines. This section is perhaps the trademark of “Like a Cat”; it is simple yet extremely catchy. Mentioned earlier, this song challenges T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” for what I would consider the “catchiest song.” That is an impressive feat considering how the chorus of “Roly Poly” becomes heavily ingrained in listeners’ heads.

The post-choruses of the tuy vậy follow the format of chanting “Lalala” (multiple “La”s; exact number will be at the Meaning Score) which is then followed up by Jimin tossing in an English line of “I’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly” (opinion on this later as well). This repeats twice.

Firstly, while the structure of the chanting is mediocre considering it is a standard chant, “Like a Cat” manages khổng lồ unveil a decent section. Being exceptionally catchy is arguably the only, yet promising, asset to lớn the post-choruses; the “La” chanting lingers around. Peering on purely the chanting, unlike a lot of other songs (Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” for example), the chanting here remains complex despite recycling the same sound tediously. The pacing varies, and likewise, so does the melody. In terms of preventing staleness, Jimin’s lines ensure that; the solo lines break away the homogenous flow of “La” sounds, và therefore, it allows some extra diversity along with a change in structure.

Even though I usually loathe this type of format (chanting a sound over and over), “Like a Cat” manages lớn achieve an above average post-chorus score; a 5 at max is normally what I would give, but a 7 will be earned. Despite how many times I’ve listened to this song, the post-chorus still retains its quality chanting and catchiness. I will claim this is even more catchier than T-ARA’s “Roly Poly” ‘s choruses.

6. Rap: 7/10 - Chanmi và Jimin are responsible for the rapping in “Like a Cat.”

Coming right after the post-chorus, Jimin shoots out a few lines. Her lines follow a flow of rapping one line, and towards the end, having a kissing noise play as Jimin takes a short pause. After that, Chanmi arrives with her own rapping line. Once she finishes, Jimin wraps the section up with another line that ends with a “meow.”

Although I complained about Jimin’s voice earlier, it does aid her rapping via making it sound coherent & smooth. The rapping here was decently paced in terms of the song. What remains slightly weaker is the flow itself. Words were not pouring out lượt thích water; there were some rigid, rougher spots. On the subject of subtle details, there were plenty added. The kissing noise during Jimin’s pauses not only reflected the lyrics, but additionally, it created a variety from pure rapping. The transition was also smooth since the “meow” was a clear indication of the rap ending.

Overall, above average for a rap. The different details added make it a unique rap. If the flow of words were smoother, an 8 would have been possible. Nevertheless, it remains a charming rap.

7. Bridge: 7/10 - The chorus duo returns for the bridge; Choa và Yuna deliver this section. High expectations are set for these ladies, so let’s see if they surpass predictions.

Yuna kicks the bridge off with a slower yet impacting line. Her next line slowly deescalates in terms of power, but it still retains the slower và melodic flow. Choa continues where Yuna left off. Her initial line possesses decent power & she adds a small chú ý hold at “arajwo.” Further on, she tosses in a few English words and towards the end, she releases a lighter, impressive high pitched chú ý hold at “bam~.”

While I would not personally mark this bridge as a phenomenal one, it still deserves a lot of highlight. Yuna’s intro to the section created some build-up, and with her slowly bringing her vocal strength down, it allowed a smooth transition for Choa. Once her thành viên takes over, disclosing her adept talent was the focus. Choa’s nguồn and cảnh báo spectrum was revealed. Her chú ý hold towards the over was also a solid mark on the climactic point of “Like a Cat.”

The structure và format of the bridge is admirable, & of course, the ladies’ vocals are as well. What does remain an issue, however, is it remains very basic; there was nothing to lớn separate this bridge from other ones. The vocals were solid, but nothing was outstanding. Even the instrumental proved to lớn be a background.

Overall, above average. The bridge lacks some extra aspects to push it towards an 8. Cảnh báo holds that occurred were fine, but the other parts, such as Yuna’s initial singing, were not utterly captivating. Nevertheless, it is still a respectable bridge.

8. Conclusion (Post-Chorus): 8/10 - Finally, the last part of the song. The conclusion does have the post-chorus replaying, but this time, Choa throws in some two-part singing.

With the normal post-chorus playing out, Choa simply adds in some cảnh báo holds of “Woah~” and tosses in an English phrase of “The pretty girls are here, oh baby come on~” which does over in a solid, powerful note hold. Once the dust settles with the original post-chorus fading, Choa adds a final line of “Come on over boy” which eventually disappears as well.

From the start, I will say this conclusion is solid. Having the post-chorus reused is an excellent way to lớn leave “Like a Cat” ‘s remnants; the catchiness & looping sounds of “Lalala” & such will stay with listeners. In terms of Choa’s two-part singing, it was a strong finish. Her lines showcased power, sweet melody, và high lưu ý capabilities. Her part was also the finishing touch; it added the last climactic moment. When it comes to very end, it was a smooth end. No abrupt cuts or extended periods existed; it tuy vậy calmly faded out.

A solid ending. This conclusion will net a score of 8. It is stunning in regards to both the two-part singing and the alluring post-chorus. “Like a Cat” concludes effectively & efficiently.

- Line Distribution: 6/10 - With a kích cỡ of 7 members, distribution of lines may be slightly challenging. Nonetheless, it is very plausible khổng lồ achieve a high score.

Starting with Choa, she appears at the verse, the bridge, và of course, the choruses. To excessively địa chỉ more, she also performs two-part singing at the conclusion. As many can tell, she had sufficient time; “sufficient” is a questionable term, however, considering that she might have been given too much time. Being too prominent might cause scarcity of lines for other members, but we shall find out.

Next up is Jimin. The leader’s moments involved the introduction, the solo lines during the post-choruses, và lastly, the rap section. No issues exist here. Every section she appeared at was rather influential; the introduction radiates with her presence along with the other sections.

Yuna had no issues, either. Her lines included the choruses, và she had a part in the bridge. While she may seem lacking in comparison lớn Jimin và Choa, for what a member should be given in this song’s duration, Yuna had the perfect balance; not lacking but not excessive.

Hyejeong’s lines occurred at solely the pre-choruses. Since her lines were on the longer duration, no issues truly stem from this except for a lack of variety. For the most part, no issues.

In Mina’s case, her “Spotlight-light-light-light” (I’m sure people saw that coming) consisted of solely the pre-choruses. Similar to lớn Hyejeong, since her lines were lengthier, she had enough time. Although singing different, additional lines would have been preferred, there is little trouble here.

Seolhyun, unfortunately, does remaining somewhat lacking. She occurred at solely the first và only verse, but unlike Jimin, her lines did not leave any impactful, lingering memories. Due khổng lồ that, she can be seen as deprived of some singing time. Having one more additional moment elsewhere would have been desired.

Lastly, we the maknae (youngest person) of AOA: Chanmi. If Seolhyun’s lines, or lack thereof, proved khổng lồ be an issue, then Chanmi is in a rough situation. Essentially, her lines are completely unnecessary, và sadly, it would have been even viable if Jimin simply took her lines. Chanmi occurred at the rap section in which predominantly Jimin was rapping; only two lines were rapped from Chanmi. Similar khổng lồ an old đánh giá of Boyfriend’s “Witch,” the rap section in that song had the same issue; two people rapped, but in reality, only the main rapper was necessary. Anyhow, a horrendous distribution for Chanmi; her lines were not only short, but furthermore, were completely replaceable with Jimin simply taking over.

One additional factor to account for is that all the ladies sing during the post-chorus, but unfortunately, since that section leaned moreover towards chanting than singing, it loses its value of being “lines” in the song.

In the end, 5/7 members had adequate lines, & even then, scrutinizing further would reveal that it is still somewhat imbalanced. Choa comes off as too prominent although biasedly, I can’t complain, & Mina và Hyejeong were slightly lacking. The only member with a near-perfect distribution was Yuna. Overall, disappointing for a giới thiệu of lines. For the score, considering it was mainly 5/7 members (that equates to lớn roughly 70% of AOA) singing, adding in the vital factors of how Choa slightly overpowered the song and Mina’s & Hyejeong’s semi-lacking lines, a lower score will be given. 6 for slightly above average. Normally, 6-membered groups bởi fine, so even adding one more person should not prove lớn be troubling. On the other hand, even 9-membered groups are capable of solid distributions. It is somewhat disappointing to see issues occur here.

- Instrumental: 7/10 - The instrumental in “Like a Cat” is pleasing; it adds a supportive foundation for the vocals along with other utilities.

Meshing with the vocals was natural; neither parties contrasted the other one harshly. In terms of matching up to lớn the song’s flow, that was followed through. The instrumental was only as energetic as the vocals. A clear example is observing the pre-chorus to lớn the post-chorus: the instrumental steps up a notch lớn accommodate the singing, but once the post-chorus arrives, it plays out as slightly passive in order to lớn fit the chanting. Individually, the instrumental had a soothing, attractive, và catchy influence. A solid soundtrack by itself.

Overall, above average. It lacks the extra spice to gain a higher rating, but nevertheless, it holds as very suiting towards the vocals, và on its own, it comes off as a catchy soundtrack.

- Meaning: 6/10 - “Like a Cat” is a chất lượng title. I predict lyrics that tell a flirtatious love-story. After all, Jimin did claim that datings skills can be derived from a cat. For an off-topic story/fact, apparently slowly blinking at a mèo (or receiving such) is their way of sharing affection. For those wondering if this is true, I will ask a teammate who is obsessed with cats (his cats are truly adorable and irresistible). On topic, through these Korean-to-English translated lyrics, let’s find out the story:

Hey no matter where you go(No matter where you look)The pretty girls are AOAYou know (I know) You know (I know)I’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m flyBrave Sound

You say you’ve never seen a girl like me beforeThat you had a feeling as soon as you saw meSaid that I especially shinedeven among the many peopleYour head turns to look at meYour eyes are filled with meSeeing you hesitateto talk to lớn me is so cute

The sunlight shines on me lượt thích aspotlight-light-light-lightOnly I am in your head as aheadline-line-line-lineEven when you dream, you’ll see meAre you worrying? Stop itCome lớn me, baby come on

I’ll walk over lớn you like a catPicking a rose,I’ll give it lớn you,I’ll surprise youI’ll walk over lớn you like a catWhen you’re asleep,I will softly hug you,I’ll surprise you

Lalalalalala Lalalalalala LalalalalalaI’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m flyLalalalalala Lalalalalala LalalalalalaI’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly

I want to go to lớn you like a catTonight, without anyone knowingI wanna softly kiss you on your lipswhen you’re sound asleepYou and I, on this sweet night,let’s hold tight to lớn the nightYou’re my wolf,I’m your xinh tươi cat

The sunlight shines on me lượt thích aspotlight-light-light-lightOnly I am in your head as aheadline-line-line-lineEven when you dream, you’ll see meAre you worrying? Stop itCome to me, baby come on

I’ll walk over lớn you like a catPicking a rose,I’ll give it to lớn you,I’ll surprise youI’ll walk over khổng lồ you lượt thích a catWhen you’re asleep,I will softly hug you,I’ll surprise you

Lalalalalala Lalalalalala LalalalalalaI’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m flyLalalalalala Lalalalalala LalalalalalaI’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly

We fly high, hug me tonightand fly higherSo I can touchthe clouds and the moonKnow how my trembling heartflies so lightlyOh talk to me, oh lead meOh kiss me baby tonight

Lalalalalala Lalalalalala LalalalalalaI’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly(Come baby, kiss baby)Lalalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalala(The pretty girls are here, oh baby come on~)I’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly(Come on over boy)

The lyrics are indeed about a loving & flirting scenario. Although specifically in this case the main character is a “girl” (“lady” is the true word if I want to be really picky), overall, it remains neutral in relation to lớn gender; the main character could be simply described as a “lover.” Focusing on what is depicted, a lady is expressing her wishes about her love-interest. Lavishing her love-interest with flowers, hugs, kisses, & such are the main details. Unlike a lot of other stories that have a shy lover, the character in “Like a Cat” has a confident, slightly arrogant demeanor. She feels that she is “good,” “hot,” “fresh,” and “fly.” There are multiple details and different aspects that showcase how infatuated the lover is, but the amount is minimal considering most ideas are essentially repeated.

Overall, a decent love story. It remains cute & charming, and as a result, a tint of sexiness is also gleaned from that. Slightly above average for the lyrics. Extra details would easily bump it up lớn a 7, but as of now, a 6 will be the score. Nevertheless, it is a sweeter story; after all, assuming you have no allergies with flowers, who would not love such a gift?

Now for the “nitpicking” in terms of picking out some intriguing parts of the lyrics, I find the post-chorus’ terms slightly strange. & before going any further, this will not affect the score unless if it is exponentially significant. Addressing, “I’m good I’m hot I’m fresh I’m fly,” while it adds a lot of energy và upbeatness for the song, in terms of breaking down the meaning, it holds as very absurd. Perhaps I am pulling the “I-am-Choa-so-I-don’t-know-slang” card, but I find the diction used for that line questionable. As some readers may know by now, the term “hot,” in my personal list, is very basic & not worth utilizing as an adjective towards describing a person’s physical, intelligent, & personality beauty. Unless if temperature is the subject, “hot” can be replaced by a plethora of other meaningful, vastly more significant words. For the other terms, “fresh” và “fly” are equally absurd, but considering how those are slang words that are probably related lớn “cool” và whatnot, it will be forgiven. I will cut it off here. Although I am positive that other lines are worth breaking apart, for the sake of keeping the đánh giá running, I will progress khổng lồ the next part.


Choreography Score: 6/10 - Quick note, as of the time I typed this sentence, FNC Entertainment did release their official dance practice videos (full version, eye contact, and for dancers, a .8x speed video to make it easier lớn learn). There is one issue, however: Mina is nowhere to be seen. From what I know, she is busy with filming a drama, hence why she is absent. In the end, it turns out the linked performance will be what I recommend just for the purpose of seeing the full group.

Digressing aside, the dance for “Like a Cat” does hold as lacking. Even though I amprobably still scarred from Hello Venus’ “Sticky Sticky” dancerelieved to lớn see that the dance was not overly sexualized, it does, unfortunately, remain somewhat mediocre. Syncing was shockingly a large issue; the verse is one example of how the music & dance maneuvers were disconnected. During that section, although the motions were emulating the song’s flow và pacing, it was inconsistent & the only clear, unequivocal moves that synced properly were at the very end of Seolhyun and Choa’s singing. Other sections were also guilty of not matching up khổng lồ the song. The only sections that were flawlessly synced were the post-choruses and rap; for the post-choruses, every beat was related khổng lồ a “hip” snap, and for the rap, the flow was matched. Paying attention khổng lồ the key points (repeated movesets), none were too appealing. A vast majority of the choreography focused on emulating a cat’s movement, but that sadly proved khổng lồ be either poorly synced or simply dull. Even sections without mimicking a cat, such as the post-chorus, were equally loathing.

A choreography does not need to lớn be utterly complex, and in fact, simplicity is sometimes very effective (T-ARA’s “Number 9” is a solid example), but without properly syncing và having chất lượng maneuvers or positions, the simplicity concept completely backfires, such as in this case. Although it hurts lớn give a lower-end score for a section that heavily impacts the overall rating, I will grade fairly assuming I forget about Choaand give a 6 for slightly above average. “Like a Cat” has a simple choreography that contains potential, but unluckily, AOA does not manage lớn execute a completely infatuating dance. Nevertheless, there are still some adequate moments despite how poorly synced & unappealing the key points were. Due to lớn that, the score is not hitting the bottom of the scale.

Now, to add a small tangent on the sexual part of the dance: the “hip” snapping part. In all honesty, everyone knows it is a butt-orientated part versus the current label of a “hip” dance. To say the least, it is interesting & I hold multiple positions regarding it. What I can appreciate is how subtle it is in comparison khổng lồ a lot of other songs (or maybe I am still simply traumatized by my previous review). Although sexual-orientated parts prove lớn be obstructive at times due khổng lồ deconstructing maneuvers to very plain, basic motions, in this case, due to lớn proper syncing & the lack of emphasis/exaggeration, that theme was not too hindering. Nevertheless, sexual or not, the post-chorus’ dance was still very stale. On a different topic, regarding AOA’s choreographies in general, while most of them have explicit or implicit sexual concepts, they tend khổng lồ be properly executed; nothing is grotesque in terms of being vastly inappropriate or overly emphasized. Remaining mature & retaining maneuvers that relate to the music itself is what AOA does well for the realm of sexy-themed choreographies.

Anyways, as stated ages ago, 6 will be the score.


Overall Score: 7/10 (6.5/10 raw score) - At the end, AOA’s “Like a Cat” finishes with a 7/10, and that represents above average, và I bởi agree with that value. If we are being keen towards the raw scores, however, I am slightly concerned that the song Score did finish with a 6.6; that is threateningly low. The weaker Line Distribution Score và Meaning Score might have been the reasons.

Anyhow, although statistically the song is not too strong, biasedly, I find it a very catchy song. If I were to review this song via “feelings” versus logic lượt thích how I used lớn long ago in the past, I would have given this an 8. Realistically, of course, we can see certain flaws throughout the song, & that it truly is not the best. Nevertheless, it is above average and I still highly recommend AOA. I have been watching a lot of their interviews và whatnot. I will claim they are a rising group, & it is well deserved. These ladies have worked very hard khổng lồ get to lớn where they currently are at. Lots of respect towards them. That also reminds me, although I did not liên kết the music video, in comparison khổng lồ a lot of other ones (or once again, I might still be mentally scarred), it is well done with retaining AOA’s usual sexual-themes without going overboard (but nonetheless, it is very sexualized at certain moments). Besides, it is the first music đoạn phim I saw with a small plot occurring. Anyways, I personally will be keeping track of AOA’s future releases and such. They have won my heart through their humor, wit, intelligence, & very respectable dedication, and they have won my ears with decent songs (although in honesty, most of their songs are “above average” or even just “slightly above average” if I were to reviews them).

As I always say và do, thank you very much for reading this review. I hope I did the tuy nhiên justice. I considered being hasty và quickly finishing this review, but I went against that và went my usual pacing. Nevertheless, I apologize deeply for not posting anything for 8 days. As I mentioned with an update post, I have been very busy with school work, so I’m allocating more times toward that. I will be making a strong return during Thanksgiving break; I plan to bởi a tuy nhiên per day during my time off. While I am skeptical on that, please look forward to lớn it. Thanks for your patience & time, I appreciate it so, so much.

In terms of upcoming reviews, for some reason, during periods where I have multiple songs in mind, I end up being very time restricted. Lots of ballad songs are in mind, but there are also a lot of regular K-Pop songs as well. In order lớn keep things diverse, I will probably đánh giá a male group. But, if I may add my personal belief or at least my experience, males already have enough attention; society is male-orientated và dominated enough. And for those who will get defensive, I am not offending males; I am stating that society is simply structured towards males’ perspective. Point is, if my next review does happen to be another female artist, readers should not overreact và claim I am not being “fair” & such.

Now with that said, I have both male và female artists in mind to lớn review. I will probably bởi vì a rushed reviews for one tuy vậy I consider mediocre, và then return with a more detailed reviews on another song. In fact, I think I may đánh giá a tuy vậy with a different language other than Korean; Girls’ Generation did release a Japanese ballad a while back, và I will say, it is indescribably beautiful. Lớn go off topic, music holds a very interesting position in relation to lớn culture and whatnot. Despite how Japanese sounds very foreign to lớn me (and note, unlike a vast majority of newbies exposed to lớn songs with different languages, I said “foreign” and not “weird/strange” or, forbid, “wrong”), I can still heavily appreciate the music & vocals. And, uniquely, the emotional vibe is still felt despite having a language barrier. I am sure a lot of K-Pop enthusiasts can relate; even for those who don’t understand Korean at all, let alone the culture & such, it is impossible khổng lồ deny that some songs do sound amazing despite sounding foreign.

Back on track, I plan to lớn either đánh giá Girls’ Generation’s “Divine” (the J-Ballad) or GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” (faster review) for my next one. Even then, I have 5 other songs in mind as well. That reminds me, Hyorin from Sistar did make a solo comeback, so I might review her recent ballad. But, keep in mind I am already drowning in work, so look forward khổng lồ it, but bởi vì not put in too much anticipation. Overall, it will remain a surprise for what my next đánh giá is. I have an itch to review a ballad song. With winter coming and all, ballads are always soothing.

I have said too much for this review, so I believe this is a proper place to kết thúc it. Once again, thank you very much for the wait. I sincerely appreciate your patience, và I will vì my best to repay that with a barrage of đánh giá coming out during my own break. If it was possible, I would be “Picking a rose” và I would “give it lớn you.” Thanks for reading, stay tuned for future reviews and for other fun posts as well.