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Safe / Tame (11)
恋騎士Purely☆KissKoikishi Purely ☆ Kiss
恋骑士 Purely☆Kiss
Play timeMedium (28h from 3 votes)DeveloperEFFORDOM SOFTPublishersEFFORDOM SOFTXinyuanwu HanhuazuRelationsSame settingJuukishi Cutie ☆ BulletLinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata, VNStatRelated anime
Koikishi Purely Kiss The Animation (OVA, 2013)


Since childhood, our protagonist Kaname has always dreamed of becoming a Knight. After a near-fatal terrorist attack nearly killed both him & a new-found friend, they make a childhood promise that one day they’ll meet again in their quest lớn become splendid Knights that can protect others. Now, many years later, Kaname is about to enter a special school run by his father, where he and his younger sister Yuu (a big-brother-loving genius who skipped a grade to be with him) will be part of a special Knights-in training club called “Esquire”. On his way to lớn school, though, he spots a mugging on the street from outside his bus window as they drove by, and with little hesitation he opens the bus window and jumps out of the moving bus khổng lồ help. As part of the effort khổng lồ solve this crime, he runs into the other heroines who will all eventually kết thúc up being the fellow members of Esquire. As the only boy in this club otherwise full of girls, will Kaname be able lớn fulfill his childhood promise? và will he & the “boy” with whom he made that promise ever meet again as they vowed?

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Boarding House 3.0
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