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Bạn đang xem: One Piece Film: Strong World


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First of all, I decided khổng lồ write a đánh giá for this movie because it left a strong impression on me, & not a pleasant one I might add. I am a big tín đồ of One Piece và I especially lượt thích where và how the story is going in the manga and the anime series & that's why I was really anxious to lớn watch this movie too, only khổng lồ be wondering why have I even bothered after seeing as much as half of it. I really had high expectations from this one, especially with all the hype around it & all, even though the past movies ... Weren't anything special. I don't wish khổng lồ ruin anyone's enjoyment, that's why I will try khổng lồ be as objective as possible và give all the arguments necessary for my score decisions.BUT LET ME WARN YOU, THIS IS A NEGATIVE nhận xét AND IT MAY CONTAIN SOME SMALL SPOILERS, SO DON'T READ IT IF YOU KNOW IT MAY AFFECT YOUR VIEWING EXPERIENCE!STORY: The story is nonexistent. There is absolutely nothing in this that could be considered a story. The crew just beats the crap out of the bad guy saving the damsel in distress in the process and all for some cheap reason. When I say that the reason is not worthy lớn mention is because the viewer just doesn't seem khổng lồ relate khổng lồ the seriousness of the situation, mainly because we only HEAR about what the bad guy (Shiki) is going lớn do. There is almost NO VISUAL REPRESENTATION of the tragic that such a situation would represent, so the viewer remains unfazed emotionally most of the time. My score for the story is 3, yes you read it right, 3. All the hype about Eiichiro Oda being the one lớn write the script for this film I think it was mainly done for publicity reasons, as there is little substance khổng lồ the actual story.CHARACTERS: The characters that we all love & adore are full of clicheistic behaviour và unnatural reactions. But let me elaborate a bit on what I mean. The Straw Hat crew seem lớn behave throughout the story mostly in repetitive ways from past series' episodes. Now, this wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if done with care & moderation, but here we just see this many behaviour patterns brought together from several different arcs from the anime series và mixed to form this "thing" that lacks substance. On the other side of the barricade, the bad guys are... Well... Just silly. I mean, Shiki is one bad dude, his power nguồn is awesome, I can't deny that. I was really surprised by it, but his personality is just demeaning for the "legend" that he is supposed khổng lồ represent và his actions & his master plan are just at a kindergarten level. His crew is stupid, and I mean stupid... There is no way such a crew could ever pose any threat to lớn anyone, especially Gol D. Roger. They're not scary, they're not smart, they're not powerful và they're not even funny... Especially funny. The jokes are terrible. And not only their jokes, but the jokes throughout the hole movie. They're really D grade material. The only thing that really stands out about the characters is the clothes they wear. Now, I don't dislike them, they're pretty cool, but I think this is mainly for the fanservice và the publicity & don't really fit well with the adventurous atmosphere that the One Piece world should have. So... For the characters I think a score of 4 is just about right. There are some good points but too few to make a difference. The not so good points just seem lớn overwhelm everything...ANIMATION: The animation, at first really blowed me away, but slowly started to lớn seem less & less attractive. The opening and the first part of the anime has astonishing graphics, wonderful views with đứng đầu notch computer finishes. The battles are also very beautifully animated và really give a sense of awesomeness. But... Yes... There is a but here too... There are some sequences where the animation just seems rushed và others where it seems plain. Not many I might add, but it still adds this feeling of inconsistency throughout the movie. Talking about inconsistency, the pace is very uneven. Either a fast pace is invoked or a slow one and they don't really transition smoothly between one to lớn another. So, for the animation, I think an 8 is appropriate, và yes, I don't think I'm being generous. This is probably a fair score.SOUND: Now... Here you will find a problem. One of the first thing you may notice is that there is NO SOUND... Yes, you heard me correctly... NO SOUND. Và when I say this I mean there is no music through much of the film. The music is the most important thing when one wants to create an atmosphere suitable for the different situations that arise. & this movie lacks everything when it comes khổng lồ atmosphere, & mainly because of the music. I was really disappointed by this. The characters' voices are pretty decent... The ones' everyone's already familiar with, so no problem here, although there isn't really much dialogue khổng lồ be found. So for the sound, another 3, và now I'm being generous...ENJOYMENT: I was really flustered about my expectations from this movie and it's real value. So, while I can't say I didn't enjoy it I can't say I felt any kind of satisfaction either. More lượt thích dissatisfaction. So... For the enjoyment, let's say... 4 will do.RECOMMENDATION: If you're a One Piece fan, watch it. Also, if you're age is not greater than 12 you'll probably find it cool. Otherwise don't waste your time with it.OVERALL my score is 4. Now, I don't know, maybe I was in a bad mood when I watched it and it deserves more, so don't go screaming your eyes out at me. If you disagree with me then I'm really happy for you, because the time you spent watching this film was enjoyable and it probably became a happy memorable experience for you.